Salt Lake Speedway 2019

//Salt Lake Speedway 2019

Salt Lake Speedway 2019

“Before I can focus and take the photo I need to feel the mood and soak up the atmosphere. There we were, at the entrance to Lake Gairdner.

It was Speed Week and we waited in a line with plenty of four wheel drives and caravans, all vying for the privilege of driving onto this amazing and large salt lake to the north of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, for the first day of racing.

I just had to jump out the car and discover the views over the lake. On the edge of this vast landscape, a shed. Someone had an idea. There was a canteen set up offering delicious meals during the #DLSR2019 .

“Did I tell you? I was already in heaven. The coffee was real, rather than instant!

Taking a few ‘before shots’ to set my brain into gear, many of them you won’t see in my collection, but these ones you will!

During our week on the lake, with the racing and noise, camping out under the stars, the birds would join in very early in the morning – whistling and communicating with each other!

The Gala loved the camp and campers, it wasn’t shy at all, parading in full view among us at #DLSRCamp.

This parrot captured my attention and only gave me a few seconds to focus – it was busy looking out over the lake, with some usual bush to observe, but further on, a sight not seen before by this little bird’s eyes … The Salt Lake Speedway 2019.

Speed Week 2019
Mulga Parrot

Mulga Parrot

The adult male Mulga Parrot is mostly emerald green in colour, but has a yellow band across its lower forehead, a yellow patch on its shoulder, dark red patches on its crown and on its rump, and a red to orange-red area on its belly and thighs. It has dark blue on the leading edges of its wings and the wings are blackish towards their ends. The adult female is dull brownish green, with a red mark on the top of its head and its shoulders, and a green rump. Immature birds are similar to the female. This bird is also called the Many-coloured or Varied Parrot or the Many-coloured Parakeet.

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